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Why Your Stomach Matters When it Comes to Acupuncture

Why Your Stomach Matters When it Comes to Acupuncture

Why Does My Acupuncturist Want to Touch My Stomach?

Even if you are coming in to see your acupuncturist for a problem unrelated to your abdomen, he/she will still want  to palpate it because your belly can tell your acupuncturist a lot about what is going on with the rest of your body. This  process is called the Hara diagnosis.

Though many traditional East Asian medicine practitioners utilize this method of diagnosis, it originally  began as a Japanese invention, developed and utilized by skilled Japanese Zen Shiatsu practitioners.

In  Zen Shiatsu,  the abdomen is  the source of qi or energy, and all diseases stem from this area. Therefore you can feel  everything by diagnosing the abdomen. It takes a practitioner many years to develop  the skills necessary to feel the subtle changes  presented by your tummy, but it is an invaluable  tool for practitioners of traditional East Asian medicine in diagnosing and treating.

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