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What is Frozen Shoulder & Will I Get It?

What is Frozen Shoulder & Will I Get It?

Understanding Frozen Shoulder

No one really understands why some people develop a frozen shoulder, while others do not. For some reason, the shoulder joint becomes stiff and scarred, eventually causing you to lose movement of your arm.

Approximately 3% of the population will be affected by frozen shoulder. It primarily affects  people between 40 and 60 years of  age, and is twice as likely to affect  women, especially menopausal women, than men;  certain diseases increase the incidence of frozen  shoulder, especially diabetes and thyroid diseases. Frozen shoulder may also arise from an injury to the area. Frozen shoulder will often resolve gradually without intervention, but  this may leave you to deal with the pain, discomfort, and lack  of movement for many months to years.

Conventional  medicine commonly  treats frozen shoulder  with the use of ordinary anti-inflammatory drugs or in  severe cases, steroids. These treatments often reduce the pain, but are in the long run slowing your body’s ability to heal.

So,  what can  you do if  you think that  you might be developing  frozen shoulder? Your first step should be to come in and  have your shoulder examined to see  what is actually going on in your joint. The sooner you seek treatment for frozen shoulder,  the sooner you will find relief from your symptoms.   

At  Synergy Wellness Center,  we will provide you the  best care possible for frozen shoulder by incorporating acupuncture,  homeopathy, diet and herbal therapies, as  well as at home exercises to assist you in  finding the healthy body you deserve. Book your appointment online or give us a call to schedule your appointment at either our Prescott or Prescott Valley location!