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Why Do I Have Acne as an Adult?

Acne may be a nearly universal experience for adolescents and young adults, but it’s not something we wish to experience in as adults. In fact, a whopping 50% of adult women, and 25% of adult men suffer from acne. So what causes acne for adults? Acne occurs when sebaceous glands, which produce the body’s natural moisturizer, become clogged.  Once clogged, the pore may become inflamed trapping bacteria, which will lead to that dramatic and noticeable “white-head”. These pimples can root themselves deep enough to cause scarring in some cases. Ouch.

Though, not commonly thought of as an organ, the skin is indeed the largest organ of our body, serving as a vital barrier between our external and internal environment.  From a Traditional East Asian Medical (TEAM) perspective, the entire body and its functions are closely related to nature and thus the body mirrors the nature around us.

Just as the appearance of water often reflects the health of its depths, ranging from translucent clarity to congested murkiness; the body’s skin reveals much about our underlying health, and our reactions to environmental stressors.  TEAM views acne as being caused by both internal and external factors and can be exacerbated by having a weak constitution, bacterial or viral infections, poor diet, gastro-intestinal disturbances, emotions, and even cosmetics.

To treat acne, and other skin conditions, one must treat the internal organs and bring those into balance, which will naturally change the skin’s expression of your health. The health and appearance of our skin has a direct effect on our quality of our life, and plays a stronger role than we might admit to regarding self-presentation, expression, and confidence.  It’s estimated that 25% of people living in the U.S. are affected by a problematic skin condition.  If you are struggling with poor skin health, or simply have questions about your skin, give us a call. We offer a variety of wellness techniques to help you de-stress, relax, and find balance.