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Maintain Momentum All Summer With Healthy Habits

Maintain Momentum All Summer With Healthy Habits

Summer is a season of play, fun and enjoying time outside, with family and friends. It’s likely the schedule is full of BBQ’s, gatherings, graduations, weddings, parties, vacations, family travel and the occasional adventure to a local swimming hole. Any sense of F-U-N can be reduced if we drop into old unhealthy habits that leave us feeling heavy, lethargic and overheated.

Do you know that feeling? Where all winter and spring you’ve been working out, walking, running, riding your bike and eating vibrant, healthy foods and then summer hits or you go on vacation and POOF it’s as if you take on the habits of someone that is actually not you anymore?

With all the fun, it’s easy to throw our healthy habits to the side and slide into an alter ego that doesn’t care (as much) about movement and healthy food anymore. Maybe you’re off work, you’re traveling to a new culture and the food is a highlight, or you simply are in a timewarp to the summer you were nine and you had no worries.

What if you were able to keep the flame of your habits going all summer long no matter what? Whether you are traveling, graduation parties, birthday parties, 4th of July and maintain the no worries vibe or enjoying the food, drink and culture of travel, and the time off, with ease?

What would that look like? Summer is a time of dynamic energy. Visualize how you can spend the summer without throwing your healthy habits out the window.

There is a lot of room for spontaneous movement and activity without it having to look and feel the way it did in the winter. Here are a few simple considerations:

  • Move your gym workouts outside.
  • Workout for half the time and twice the intensity in the cool of the morning.
  • Working out early also sets you up to be available the rest of the day for fun.
  • Simplify the ingredients in your meals.
  • This will expedite prep time and increase digestion and assimilation.
  • Eat lighter and earlier so you can play after your last meal.
  • Eat the ice cream. Simply have it early in the day so you can digest it.

Download your Summer Habits Tip Sheet and pick the one that you can align with all summer long.

You might have a natural urge to wake earlier with the sun. Listen, observe and watch for the changes in your desire for movement and nourishment based on the length of days and temperature.

Decide which summer habit will be your keystone, or your most important habit or practice for the summer and maintain some momentum, whether it’s movement, nourishment or sleep and visualize a dynamic relationship with it.

It’s easier to maintain momentum then to kick start it, like swinging on a swing; it takes a little muscle to get going and then you are in the flow. It’s the same with your healthy habits, it takes a lot of energy to get new habits started than it does to simply keep the good ones going. Let your habits be dynamic by giving yourself permission for them to fluctuate and change with the season and circumstances versus all or nothing.

Because as we know “something is better than nothing.”

Author Bio
Rachel Peters is a wife, mama, yoga health coach, graceful aging advocate, and lover of wild places. She leads women towards Embodying Ease through a yearlong wellness & lifestyle journey to dissolve perfectionism, embody daily habits that promote mental clarity, overall ease, and deeper connection to life on this wild ride of modern living. Follow her on Facebook or Instagram.