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Easy & Refreshing Summer Foods

Easy & Refreshing Summer Foods

Easy & Refreshing Summer Foods

Here in Northern Arizona, the temperatures soar in the summer. Are you considering all the different ways you might keep cool? Maybe it’s getting out for a walk, run, bike ride in those cool early morning hours before the direct sunlight hits. Or one of my favorites, is  opening our windows at night to let in the fresh, cool air and promptly closing them upon waking to retain as much cool air as possible. Or you might find you reach more towards iced beverages, cool, refreshing foods or even a cold shower or cold plunge.

Our bodies crave balance and whether we pay attention or not, our bodies are always trying to attune to our environment. The weather and the seasons is a great place to start. Our bodies are dramatically impacted by the heat in wild ways.

Let’s look at our skin. When it’s dry outside, guess what? It’s dry inside. Our skin and even our organs experience the same dryness we observe in our environment. This is why there are fire bans. The smallest spark can turn into a wildfire.

Here’s the thing, we don’t want that to happen to us, it can ruin a great vacation or a wedding weekend, but it can if we don’t make a few simple changes to our diet and to our habits as the heat increases.

It makes sense that in the winter we would do more extreme and heating practices, because it’s colder outside and our bodies crave the warmth. If we keep doing those same things through the summer, we might simply get “burned out” or “spent” energetically. It may not show up until the Fall, but it’s important to watch for. If we keep eating like we did all winter (i.e. adding hot sauce and spices to keep warm), we will burn up and likely notice irrational behavior in the mind/emotions.

If you tend towards overheating, it will show up in the peak of the summer. If your face gets flush or you notice red rashes or irritations on your skin, maybe acid indigestion or heartburn symptoms arise, if you start to feel more irritable or short-fused these are sure signs that you have too much heat in your body.

So, what do we do?

If the body and mind are reflections of our environment, what can we do to reduce the heat?  Listen to the deeper, intrinsic craving to lighten up and cool off. And watch for the signs and symptoms of excessive heat.

Signs & Symptoms of Excessive Heat

  • inflamed rash, acne, cold sores
  • acute inflammation in body or joints
  • acid reflux, gastric or peptic ulcers, heartburn
  • nausea or discomfort upon missing meals
  • loose stools
  • uncomfortable feeling of heat in the body
  • frustration, anger, irritability, hyper-focused
  • judgment, impatience, criticism, intolerance
  • red, inflamed or light-sensitive eyes
  • excessive perfectionist tendencies

The summer season is associated with physical qualities of hot, sharp and oily.  The energy moves up and in like a flame, to a point. There is a natural fire burning with the sun so close and it’s reflected in our body, mind, and spirit.

Our dietary choices along with your other daily habits will have a huge impact. Last month I shared the Summer Habits Tip Sheet. Make sure you read the June blog post and have a copy of that handy as it’s a great guide to summer living in balance.

Favor the following foods:





Corn (non-gmo)





Hemp seeds






Summer squashes + zucchini

White beans

Download your copy of the Simple Summer Meals Recipe Ebook as I share some simple foods, recipes and ways to inspire your summer meal planning, shopping and preparation. I don’t know about you, but I’m much more interested in spending time playing and soaking in the summer vibrations than I am preparing food. Meanwhile, one of my personal values is to provide myself and my family with nourishing and healthy meals. So, I created the Simple Summer Meals Recipe Ebook and take note of the best foods to help cool you off and a few of my favorite easy and cooling recipes for summer.


Rachel Peters is a wife, mother, yoga health coach, graceful aging advocate, and lover of wild places. She leads women towards Embodying Ease through a yearlong wellness & lifestyle journey to dissolve perfectionism, embody daily habits that promote mental clarity, overall ease, and deeper connection to life on this wild ride of modern living. Follow her on Facebook or Instagram or join her Private Facebook Group Easeful Living Community for more tips and strategies.